Sunday, November 23, 2008


Traffic Swarm

This is the best Traffic site I have been using. First off it has the most members of any traffic site out there, I think over 400,000. So your sites are seen by the most different users. They also give a good amount of credits for being a free member and surfing, better than a 1:1 ratio. You earn either 1 to 5 credits per click and sometimes you get lucky and get a bunch (one time I clicked and got 500!!! that was free traffic for a week) The timer is also reasonably long (20 seconds) so people actually have to look at your site. Their members also get great referral benefits. Overall it is the best out there, if you do one traffic site choose this one



This is also a very good traffic site. It has over 100,000 members and growing fast. They have a 20 second timer which gives people plenty of time to look at your site. Also a 1:1 ratio. You also get a bonus every 25 views which is cool. This site is one of my favorites because no matter what your membership level is you will get good traffic fast

1:1 Traffic Exchange



This is the first traffic exchange ever made. Ten years old now and still a good one. For viewing traffic and completing offers you earn clickthru cash which can be used to either buy things or spend on traffic for your site. While graphics from other traffic sites have got better, this one is still very effective. The best things about this site is the great referral program if you are a member. I have been a member for about a month and have received over 50 referrals!!! Now I dont even have to surf because my referrals earn me free cash everyday. With 30 second timer you are guaranteed to get quality traffic, check this site out! Network!



This was one of the first sites I signed up to. While you dont get alot of traffic from this site (only about 500 hits a month) you do get very good traffic. The way you get traffic is to read and review other people's site. The more often you do this the higher you get up their list. In about a month I have received 40+ reviews and some of them have been very helpful. The users here seem to take it seriously and have gave me good tips on how to improve my site. This is also a great network to make friends with websites and businesses. If you want to improve your website, go here



For the next few traffic sites you can SUPERSURF. This means that if you surf them all at once your receive a bonus. Just go to any of the sites I list as SUPERSURF and click supersurf and earn bonus credits. For this reason these sites are valuable for traffic because you can surf in volume quickly and easily. The timers for these sites are only 10 seconds so you probably wont get quality traffic, but if you are trying to get your sites rankings up you can do it quickly here. Traffic Splash is the best of the bunch, every 15 clicks you get a bonus and they are usually good ones. So I suggest starting with this one see if you like it, then move to the others.



This is another SUPERSURF site. Very similar to TrafficSplash only less bonuses. This site does however have alot more members. With 70,000 plus members you are sure to get lots of unique visitors to your sites. If you do TrafficSplash try this one out too, it is just as good



This is also a SUPERSURF site. Similar to all the others. The main difference on this on is that the more you surf the higher your ranking on the site gets. The higher your ranking gets the more credits you earn per click. After you surf 100 for the day you also get a large bonus, so remember to click the lick after 100. This site is pretty good but with only 40,000 members not quite as good as the other Supersurf sites. Had a problem with loading the banner, so promoting this site isnt not nearly as easy as the others either. Here is the link though


Dragon Surf

This is the last of the SUPERSURF sites. Although there is one more I couldnt figure out how it works, some different kind of promotion, its called Traffic Generation. Dragon Surf is just like the others, every 20 sites you surf you get a random bonus by clicking one of the Dragon's caves. This is also a good site and right up there with the other supersurf sites. If you sign up for the others, do this one too

Dragon Surf



This site is very similar to Traffic Swarm. It gives 1 to 5 credits for each site you view. It does however have only a 10 second timer. The main difference between this site and traffic swarm is that HitMagik only has around 20,000 members. It is a good start to the site though and if your deep into traffic sites try this one out, it might be big soon

Earn Residual Income from your referrals at HitMagik!



This site isnt the best. I dont think they have too many members and you dont get a good amount of credit for viewing sites. This one is just ok and is on here because I havent joined any better yet. Join this one with caution.